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회원수 : 331211
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마카오의 특허 출원 (조회수: 2512)
마카오의 특허 출원에는 하기와 같이 2가지의 방법이 있습니다.

1) 마카오에 직접 출원을 실시하는 방법
2) 중국의 등록공고가 이루어진 후 등록을 실시하는 방법

따라서 어느 방법으로 진행을 할 것인가는 마카오의 특허출원을 원하는데 이미 중국에 출원이 되어 있는지 아닌지에 대한
여부 입니다.
만일 특허가 이미 중국에 출원이 되었다고 한다면 중국의 등록여부를 확인한 후 마카오에 진입을 하는 것이 바람직 할 것입니다.
그러나, 중국출원이 이루어지지 않았다고 한다면 기한을 체크하여 별도로 마카오에 진입을 하는 수 밖에 없을 것으로 생각을 합니다.

홍콩의 제도와 유사하나 차이점은 홍콩의 경우에는 중국의 공개가 이루어진후 6개월 내에 진입을 하는 것에 반하여 마카오의 경우는
중국에서 등록결정이 이루어진후 진입을 하는 것에 차이가 있다고 하겠습니다.

하기의 마카오 출원에 대한 정보를 참조 하시기 바랍니다.

Patent Registration may only be applied for products that are (i) new, (ii) the result of an inventive process and (iii) can be used for industrial purposes.
Application must contain:
a) Applicant’s name;
b) Applicant’s address;
c) Name and country of residence of the inventor if the applicant is not the inventor;
d) A heading summing up the subject-matter of the invention;
e) A summary of the invention in no more than 150 words or 400 characters;
f) A description of subject-matter of the invention;
g) Drawings necessary for the perfect understanding of the description;
h) A claim of what is considered new and characteristic of the invention;
i) Priority claim, if any (supporting documents have to be presented within three months);
j) Declaration of the inventor stating that his identity is not to be revealed;
k) Declaration of the applicant summing up the facts that entitles him to apply for registration if the applicant is not the inventor or the only inventor.

After submission of the application, the DSE will proceed with a formal examination of all the documents. After 18 months counting from application date (or from the priority date, if any) publication will be made in the Macau Official Gazette.
In seven years counting from application date a request for an examination report must be submitted to DSE. This examination is only to assess compliance of the application with the formal requirements. The examination of the invention itself will be conducted by the Chinese Patent Office - SIPO. For the applications where the applicant files the examination report of an identical patent in a different but recognized jurisdiction (e.g. SIPO), no examination fees will be payable.

As for the Patents’ validity, they are registered for a period of 20 years. However, should the above annual fees not be paid on time, registration will forfeit.

Chinese patents can be extended to Macau until three months counting from the date of publication of the granting decision in China.

For the purpose of filing the request for an extension, we will require:
a) Power-of-Attorney;
b) The certified copy of Extracts from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO)
(專 利登記簿副本).
c) A certified copy of the Chinese Patent issued by SIPO (專利說明書);

For extension of a patent which is still pending, we will require:
(i) Power-of-Attorney;
(ii) copies of the Chinese publication documents (發 明專利申請公開說明書) or filing notice (申請 號通知書) which show the details of the patent (e.g. applicant’s name and address, application date, the heading and the summary of the invention, etc.); a description of the invention; drawings necessary for the perfect understanding of the description; claims of what is considered new and characteristic of the invention.
Within three months after the patent is granted in China, it is necessary to submit
(iii) a certified copy of Extracts from the Chinese Patent Office (SIPO) (專利登記簿副本) and
(iv) a certified copy of the Chinese Patent issued by SIPO (發明專利說明).

Extension of a Chinese patent to Macau can be applied for at any time during the term of validity of the Chinese patent and once granted it will be valid in Macau as long as the corresponding Chinese patent is valid.

Note that Macau has a patent system very similar to the one of Hong Kong, with a separate registration but relying heavily on the examination to be conducted by other jurisdiction (like China).

As for other cases, i.e., applications already filed outside Macau (in an OMC or Paris Convention Member State) but not yet granted, a new registration will have to be applied for here but priority may be claimed within one year counting from the original filing.

Note that the Patent Cooperation Treaty is not yet in force in Macau.

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